Build big calves fast with 3 small steps

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The calves are often given little attention if any at all. Although genetics play a big roll in having underdeveloped calves, it is not excuse to leave them that way. If fact, it should be more motivation for you to give them more attention during your workouts. Whether small calves are part of your genes or you are just too unmotivated to build them up, i can help you solve this problem and build big calves fast with three simple steps.

-Hit every angle
-Fight through your last reps

Lets face it, the number one reason that you dont have big calves is because you are not working them often enough. Either they are not being worked often enough, hard enough, or like in most cases, both. Let’s be realistic, calves have always been a highly ignored muscle, somewhat similar to forearms. I do understand that calf exercises can be a bit boring, and especially exhausting when performed toward the end of our workouts. Yes that’s right, for the most part, everyone will wait till the end of there workout to throw in their calf routine. What you have to realize is that your calves are small and you are unhappy with them, so why not start off your workout with your calf routine. The earlier in your workout that you work to build big calves, the more energy you will have to put more effort into them. It is just that simple, just like any underdeveloped muscle; it should be moved to the front and given more attention. How many times a week are you giving your calves a good workout? Is it safe to assume that you answered “once”? I am not telling you to ignore your body to build big calves. I am saying that maybe twice a week, you should start off your workout with a calf routine while your energy level is at its highest.

Hit every angle
The calf is made up of three different muscles that give it a great shape. The medial, inner, and outer muscle heads. These muscles must be worked equally for your calves to look good. The great thing about it is this; you can hit the inner, outer, and medial muscle heads with the same exercises by simply turning the direction of your foot. Pointing your toes away will target the inner muscle head and pointing your toes in will target the outer muscle head. The medial head is targeted by simply keeping your toes pointed forward.

Fight through your last reps
Just like any other workout, the last few reps are the most crucial. The last reps cause the most muscle growth in any muscle group you target. Stopping before breaking through that threshold of fatigue can cause your muscle to plateau. The last few reps on calf workouts can cause an incredible burn which often causes the person to quit too soon. Pushing just an extra 2 or 3 reps can make a world of a difference when building big calves.

Build big calves fast
That is really all it takes to build those big calves we all want but fail to get. Simply push them to the front of your workout a couple times a week, make sure you are working every angle, and fight through those last reps. The problem may not be that you don’t want to work hard enough to get big calves, but that you may be going about it the wrong way. Make those 3 small changes and see incredible difference in your calf muscles fast.

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