Hardgainer diet plan – Go from scrawny to brawny in weeks!

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Hardgainers often have trouble putting on mass because we always feel like we are eating enough. Fact is, if you calculate your actual daily caloric intake, I can guarantee you are nowhere near the amount needed to grow. Just to give you guys an idea of how much you should be eating daily, I created this hardgainer diet plan. I say “plan” but in reality it is just an example of what one of your days should look like in order to gain mass as a hardgainer.
Hardgainer diet plan

Meal #1 – 8am

1 serving of Weight gainer mix w/ milk, oatmeal, and one scoop of peanut butter
1 serving whey protein w/ milk
Oatmeal (2 packets)
3 Hard boiled eggs
Meal #2 – 10am

Peanut butter sandwich on wheat
Turkey breast sandwich w/ lettuce and tomatoes on wheat
1 banana
Meal #3 – 12:30pm
1 grilled chicken breast or fish fillet (preferably salmon or tilapia)
1 cup vegetables
1 cup brown rice
Meal #4 – 3:30pm (Pre-Workout)

Peanut butter sandwich on wheat
Fruit cup, banana, or small fruit bowl
Small grilled chicken salad
Fruit cup or small fruit bowl
Meal #5 – 6pm (post workout)
Whey protein shake
Oatmeal (2 packets)
Meal #6 – 8:30pm
1 grilled chicken breast or fish fillet (preferably salmon or tilapia)
1 cup brown rice
1 cup vegetables
Ground turkey meat
Whole grain pasta
1 cup vegetables
Hardgainer diet plan conclusion
For those of you hardgainers trying to bulk up, nutrition is the most important step to gaining muscle mass. Eat big and be big, you will not grow without the proper amount of calories.
Following this hardgainer diet plan will allow you to pack on about 5 pounds per week with the proper workouts and rest. I have no problem with you replacing some of the meals or snacks with foods you prefer, as long as the nutritional value is similar. For a beginner it may be a little difficult to consume this many calories in a day, I recommend building up slowly. Eat a little more everyday; eventually your body will become hungry more often on its own. At this point, consuming 3000 calories plus will seem more natural.
Full body workout to build mass for hardgainers
Here is a great hardgainer workout to gain mass that will work great with your new hardgainer diet plan.
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7 Responses to “Hardgainer diet plan – Go from scrawny to brawny in weeks!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That's a pretty cool meal plan it's similar to what i eat, definitely agree with the eat big. Also, i found combining it with high intensity workout routine gave me good results.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well the problem with this is that for some people protein fills them up for hours, which they then dont want to eat in a couple hours.

    Especially a mass gainer with milk will keep a person full for long long hours!

  3. MuscleMonsters Says:

    You are absolutely right, but starting off slowly and increasing your calories daily will be a major help. Eventually you will get used to it and actually feel hungry all the time, even shortly after a heavy shake. When i started taking mass gainers, i felt extremely full and didnt even want to think about another meal, but with after increasing my caloric intake slowly i now find myself hungry enough for a full on meal about an hour later.

    Not to mention that as your gaining muscle mass your body will require more nutrients and you will naturally get hungrier more often.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A question about this as was posted about the calorie intake.

    I'm beginning to take a mass gainer and don't want to increase the size of my stomache.

    I've never done cardio as i've naturally been toned, only did strength work out.

    Now, I will be beginning to do cardio in the gym itself as im working long hours and wont have time for jogging or biking out as i get home a bit late.

    My question is, which cardio machine is best to burn fat? And is it best to do cardio before or after strength training? or recommended to dedicate a whole day for cardio? and how long should i do cardio for?

    Treadmil? Ellipticle or whatever?

    BTW, ive been on your site for a whole year and enjoy each article and pointers youve given.
    Unlike most other sites, you give straight out simple answers without making it confusing and difficult. Keep up the good work!

  5. MuscleMonsters Says:

    First off i would like to thank you for the kind words, i really appreciate the compliment. Being simple and straight to the point for them to understand everything easily is my main goal.

    First off, if you are taking a mass gainer it is very important that you choose one with a low amount of sugar. Anything over 7 grams of sugar is too much, this is why i recommend "smart gainer".

    As far as your cardio questions, believe it or not, the best cardio workout to burn fat is walking at a decent pace. Not too fast and not too slow, walk uphill on the treadmill for best results. I would say anywhere between 30-45 minutes following your lifting.

    If you want more information on why i recommend Cardio AFTER lifting, check out this article i put together on the topic http://www.musclemonsters.com/2008/11/cardio-before-or-after-lifting.html

    Thanks again and i hope i was able to answer all your questions.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi again, I had posted the question about the cardio, so my question now is, how in the world is walking uphill going to make me burn more fat than jogging? <–said that in a confused manner not rude manner =P
    I'm just curious! Also read other article and understood, thanks for that. Im just curious how walking burns more than jogging…

  7. MuscleMonsters Says:

    Keeping your heart rate up in the fat burning zone is what burns the fat. Jogging or running is a cardio activity and gets your heartrate high, But walking as fast as you possibly can keeps you in a fat burning zone with your heartrate just below cardio levels.

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