Building Shoulders – Deltoid Exercises

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One of the most commonly neglected muscle groups following calves and forearms, definitely have to be the shoulders or deltoids. What most people fail to realize is that building shoulders could very well be the most essential part of building your upper body, period. The reason I say this is, the shoulders or deltoids are used in various types of upper body strength movements. Not to mention, building shoulders with deltoid exercises makes your waist appear smaller and your upper body look larger. Now you can see how proper deltoid exercises can improve strength and physical appearance.
There are three separate muscle heads that make up the shoulder. In order to build well proportioned shoulders, one must target each deltoid head in their exercises.
-Front deltoid
-Side deltoid
-Rear deltoid
Deltoid exercises are the primary mass builders for the entire muscle group.
Side deltoid exercises: The side deltoid is important for size appearance because it adds width to the shoulders. Although this shoulder head is targeted a little during the shoulder press, it is important to isolate this muscle head in order to maximize results. Generally the side deltoid is targeted with “side laterals”, these can be performed with dumbbells or a cable machine.
Rear deltoid exercises: The rear deltoid is the most overlooked shoulder head of the three but is just as important. Isolating the rear deltoids is crucial when building shoulders, if overlooked, you will develop unproportioned deltoids. This muscle head can be worked by performing rear raises with dumbbells.
Building shoulders – Important or not?
Interested in increasing your bench press and improving your physique drastically? Integrate isolation deltoid exercises into your current workout regimen and get a much fuller, wider, and attractive upper body. Not to mention incredible strength gains in very important movements such as the bench press. Because the shoulders are secondary when targeting other muscle groups, isolating the shoulders about once a week should be more than enough.

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