Tribol 60 by Thai Labz – Muscle Building Supplement

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Lately I have been hearing a lot of hype about a pro hormone that was recently re released called Tribol 60. This product is made by a company called Thai Labz and claims to produce massive pumps, incredible hardness, and super strength. Tribol 60 is not typically the type of supplement I would experiment with so with that being said, I will be sharing some reviews from actual users of this product.

Tribol 60 contents include:

2a, 17a-Dimenthyl-17B-hydroxy-5a-androstan-3-one (20mg)
2a, 3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-andro-stan-17b-ol (5mg)
13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2, 5 (10)-dien-17-one (35mg)
The Tribol 60 bottle includes a warning label that states ” Not for use of anyone under the age of 18 or by women”

It also includes that proper PCT and liver support supplementation are recommended.

Tribol 60 by Thai Labz suggest 2 capsules per day, one in the morning and the other 30-45 minutes prior to your workout.

What are users saying about Thai labz Tribol 60:

BakerFX4 said: Man… this (tribol 60) will get you swole. My bro has been on that (tribol 60) for 2 weeks and went from 194-195 to 209 and so rounded. His traps and arms have BLOWN up!

Jason of Las vegas said: ” Best supplement I have ever taken, i gained about 3 pounds per week and my body fat dropped almost 2 percent. Pumps in the gym were amazing! ”

Franklin of New Jersey said: “I am on week 2 and have already put on 8 pounds. This stuff is definately going to get pulled off the shelves soon. Only bad thing was that im starting to get horrible headaches.”

GingerLiftz423 said: “First two weeks i felt absolutely nothing, some small gains. By week 3 i was getting incredible pumps in the gym, bench went up about 20 pounds and i put on about 5 pounds. Not to mention i am looking a little leaner and i ahvent changed my diet at all. I have noticed a decrease in libido which kinda sux.”

So is this muscle building supplement worth the 50-70 dollars? From the reviews I have come across, it definitely looks promising. Tribol 60 seems to be a great product for anyone who wants to bulk up, decrease body fat, and increase strength. As for the negative side effects, they dont seem too bad (i guess) but at the end of the day, side effects from supplements are going to be case by case. Not everyone will react the same way to the certain supplements.

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22 Responses to “Tribol 60 by Thai Labz – Muscle Building Supplement”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    heh ive been taking tribol 60 for about a month lol! and i must say … it is preety DAYMN awesome.

    my raw bench went to 330 – 390lb ( in a month )

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I really appreciate everyones feedback on this product. I bought this product without doing any research so I basically relied on the word of the sales rep from Max muscle.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How are u suppose to take it on non work out days?

  4. MuscleMonsters Says:

    Dosage on the days off should be the same.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just got a bottle, i'll be starting my first week as of today. I hope its as good as everyone is saying. Wish i could post a pic just so you could see my improvements if there are any. I'll post again to let you know how its going in a week.

  6. MuscleMonsters Says:

    Why dont you take some pictures of your results and then comment again once you have done so, ill then give you an email address to forward them to and if you would like i will post your results for others to see.

    I personally think that if taken with the right diet and workout you will def see great results.

  7. g hanson Says:

    WARNING!!! my son used this product andit damaged his liver! he tuned yellow! put him into liver failure! do not take this! NOT worth the damaged liver!

  8. jace nelson Says:

    That’s pry because he didn’t use a liver cleanser cycle while taking it.

  9. stephen tyler Says:

    i swear to every living thing in this world i took tribol 60 the first time and went from 187 and peaked at 208…when everything was done i was at 205. however best product ever…i ate anything and everything while on tribol…after taking tribol i took fina stane which was the cutter made also by thai labz. the product is almost impossible to find on the internet. but if you take it seriously like i did and lift hard, 2 protein shakes a day, omega 3’s, liver care. its the best fuckin prohormone you can buy

  10. ahmed elachkar Says:

    where can i get some tribol-60 from???????????

  11. martin serrano Says:

    Ok im on day 15 and i got stronger in my bench by 20 lbs . it works and im excited for the next two weeks. any advice on any good whey protein???

  12. martin serrano Says:

    Wait !!!!!!!! i work out everyday i didnt know we had to take a day off??? what do i do

  13. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Start resting 2-3 days per week Martin, you’ll be surprised by the results of proper rest.

  14. Mike Says:

    I am 42 and have never taken anything like this. What is a PCT?, what is a good liver support? I dont want bitch tites or any other problems.

  15. zach Says:

    mike u can ask for a liver protecter at the store you buy tribol at.. an u have to take a estrogen blocker at the end of the cycle an u wont get tits

  16. phil Says:

    guys thats all junk trust me know it!!! trust me dont waste your hard earned money, i have taken tribol 60! and no others who have taken it too. you try to do everything but the real deal just so you can say your natural!! you need high dosages of amino acids good diets and plenty of recovery thats the key.

  17. gyo d caro Says:

    mi nombre es gio quiero comenzar a tomar tribol 60 la pregunta es,en la etiqueta dice tomar una en la mañana y la otra 30 o 45 minutos antes de hacer ejercicio,resulta que yo voy al gym por las mañanas exactamente alas 10 hay problema si me tomo una temprano en la mañana y la otra antes de hacer ejercico o como debo tomarmela,agradesco que alguiEN me responda gracias atte GYO

  18. austin Says:

    okay… after looking at some of these post i am kinda scared to start this cause my uncle bought me some for christmas and he said it will build me up fast and i wanna be bigger… i take protein and i wanna be bigger for my wiegth meet in marsh so would it be a good idea to try in for a week and keep working out an d then stop if i don’t like it? or do i have to follow through with the whole 6 weeks??

  19. NewGuy Says:

    So, after reading the reviews everyone is talking about putting on weight. I want to take this to cut fat and get lean. Will this product do this for me? I am currently on a Carb Cycle for already 2 months and do a lot of cardio and high rep work outs. Can someone please advise?

  20. Seth Says:

    Hey please email me where I can get the thai Labz tribol-60 to

  21. charlie Says:

    I have some Tribol 60 for sale, brand new in packaging sealed, can do a really good deal, Im on cutting so not needed at the mo and money would come in handy for xmas!

    email me at:

  22. Dark Side Says:

    I just started Thai Labz. I will take before and after pictures hope I get good results.

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