How To Build Biceps From Home Without Weights

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How to Build Biceps From Home Without Weights

Today I came across a very interesting article about how to build biceps at home without weights. I thought to myself, “if that was possible, everyone would have sleeve ripping arms”. That was until I read the article and realized that anyone could in fact build biceps from home without weights. Don’t believe me? Check out this great piece by Matt Marshall.

How to Build Biceps at Home
By: Matt Marshall
Did you know that lifting weights is NOT the best way to build big biceps?
It’s true. Barbell curls, dumbbell curls and cable curls are great exercises… but there is one single exercise that is far more effective and building raw strength and packing new muscle onto your biceps.
And best of all, you can do this exercise right in your basement or in your bedroom.
The exercise I’m talking about is the chin-up.
I understand that you might be skeptical. After all, not many guys give much thought to the old chin-up anymore.
But I will prove to you that the chin-up is one of the most brutally effective exercises for adding muscle mass to your biceps.
Why The Chin-Up Is Such An Effective Arm Exercise: Proof Point #1
If you want big biceps, it’s a good idea to look around and see who has big biceps and discover how they managed to build big arms.
And if you do some research, you’ll see that male gymnasts have some of the most impressive biceps. Sure, mammoth steroid-pumping bodybuilders have big biceps but in many cases these short, tiny male gymnasts will have even bigger biceps.
Oddly enough, most male gymnasts don’t spend a lot of time in the weight room. So how do they build such massive pipes? Simple, they do a lot of chin-ups.
Why The Chin-Up Is Such An Effective Arm Exercise: Proof Point #2
In the late 1980’s, scientist’s set out to discover what were the most effective exercises for each body part.
They discovered that chin-ups were the most effective muscle-building exercise for biceps. Here’s the science: It turns out that when your entire body is moving through space, it forces you to recruit more muscle fibers and in turn, grow muscle at a faster pace.
This is stark contrast to curls, where your body remains stationary and your hands move the muscle. With the chin-up, your hands remain still and your body is moving through space.
Chin-Up Variations:
Here are some variations on the standard chin-up that you can use to pack more meat onto your biceps.
The negative chin-up: This is perfect for guys that are not yet strong enough to do a true-chin-up. Start out standing on a chair, grab the bar and lower yourself as slowly as possible. Then stand up on the chair again and repeat.
The towel chin-up: Drape a towel over a chin-up bar. Adjust the towel so that one end is longer than the other. This makes the towel uneven and forces your muscles to work in a new position. Grip the towel and pull yourself up to the bar.
The one-arm chin-up: This is a true test of strength. Grab the bar with one-hand and see if you can do a chin-up. Less than 1% of the population can. If you cannot, try the a “fake” one arm chin-up. To do this exercise, grab the bar with one hand and without your other hand, grab the wrist of the arm that’s holding the bar. This is also a great exercise for building up grip strength.
Work hard at chin-ups and you’ll watch your biceps grow like never before.

Matt Marshall is not a personal trainer or a professional bodybuilder. He’s just a former skinny guy who figured out how average guys (with average genetics) can build muscle and develop outstanding physiques. To get your free book, visit
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There you have it, the simple explanation on how to build biceps from home without weights. Not only is this approach possible, but it works better than more bicep routines people follow using fancy gym equipment.

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12 Responses to “How To Build Biceps From Home Without Weights”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How many sets of chinups?

  2. MuscleMonsters Says:

    I would recommend till failure. Meaning till it isnt possible perform any more reps with good form.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So is doing chinups only good enough?

    For example, if im able to add weights on a blet, and just do chinups for biceps.
    Or will i need curls and other exercises as wel.


    this whole gravity thing, does it also work for triceps when doing dips? Is it best workout for triceps?

  4. MuscleMonsters Says:

    Adding weights and increasing the volume (meaning taking less time between sets, adding reps, and adding sets) GRADUALLY will definitely be enough to not only build biceps but your back as well. Same goes with tricep dips, this will increase the triceps and the chest.

    Notice im emphasize the word "gradually", because you want to increase volume slowly and consistently for best results.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Im very curious, i tried doing dips today for the first time. Is dips for the triceps? chest? or shoulders?

    I felt it more on my shoulders and chest than i did on my triceps…i thought it was mainly meant for triceps?

  6. MuscleMonsters Says:

    Dips is mainly for triceps but targets the chest as well. They will also target shoulders as a secondary muscle. Meaning the muscle gets a piece of the action but its not going to be the focal point of the workout.

    Sometimes when you are lacking in a certain area, your body will over compensate with other stronger muscles. For example, if your triceps are not well trained your body will put more strain on the chest and shoulders for assistance.

    Dont worry, its completely normal and as time goes by you will feel the triceps working more.

    Now, this does not mean that the triceps are not getting worked, it simply means that they require a little assistance from the chest and shoulders.

    lastly, just a tip for the dips….when dipping down, come till your forearm and upper arm at a ninety degree angle. Dipping too low could put unecessary strain on the shoulders and cause injury.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Now just a question about growth.

    Say my arm is 13 inches, i work it out and its pumped.

    Now after the pump is gone the arm size gets small again.
    So on a rest day, the arm is back to 13 inches, if eating lots of healthy food on the rest day, will the arm gain size over time?

  8. sam Says:

    it dosent gets out pumped in jst 1 day eating too is an important aspect for body builder but it should be in a proper manner continue your exersices for about 1 month your biceps will be gradually pumped out.

  9. atik Says:

    just by doing this can we have good biceps ??

  10. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Absolutely! It would be good to stimulate different ranges of motion by isolating them…but you can most definitely build nice biceps with just these workouts.

  11. Ameya Says:

    will it slowers the motions like other weight oriented exercises do ?
    will it work to increase body mass ?
    if you have any advice to increase weight as well…?

  12. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    I don’t understand the first question. Yes it can increase muscle size. As for increasing weight, I recommend doing it slowly and progressively. Go up in the smallest increments possible. i typically go up 2.5-5 lbs at a time.

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