Mass Building Workouts for Full Body Muscle Gains

Everyone wants to know whether the best mass building workouts consist of full body routines or split body training. In my experience, it is not so much what type of training you follow; more important is how you follow that training. It all comes down to what type of muscle hypertrophy you are triggering when you are lifting. If you are focusing on myofibrillar hypertrophy (2-6 repetitions), you will not see much gains in size but more so in muscle density, strength, and definition. If you are training for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (12-15 reps), then you may not seem as strong in the gym but you will definitely see a great increase in overall muscle size. Now, although it may make sense to train in between both hypertrophies in order to gain a little size while still increasing strength a bit, I recommend you train according to your physical goals using the “Bony to Brawny” routine. For example, if your arms are pretty solid but not so great as far as size goes, you should train them with light weight for 12-15 reps in order to target sarcoplasmic hypertrophy to increase size. If your legs are large in size but not as defined as you would like, train them with heavy weight for 2-6 reps to increase density and definition.

Rep tempo for Mass Building Workouts

Another very important factor when building size of muscle density is rep tempo. The idea behind training for strength and density is to strain the muscle by concentrating on your lift. You eccentric movement should be about 2 seconds, you should pause 1 second before your lift, and your lift should last 2 seconds. When you are training for size, the idea is to fatigue the muscle. You can achieve this by lifting quickly without sacrificing form, eccentric movement should last about 1 second, and there should be no pause at the end of the lift.

Resting in between workouts for mass

Lastly, we should understand what kind of rest period between sets we should take according to the type of training you are following. Someone who is lifting heavy for low repetitions in order to increase strength and density should be taking 1-2 minute rests in between sets. On the other hand, if you are training for size, you should start off taking 45 second rests and slowly decrease your rest time as your body adapts.


Most people train while unaware of what type of results they are triggering. Knowing what type of training triggers what type of results, you will be able to mold your body to the exact shape and appearance you want. So whether you’re training full body or split routines, focus on your rep range and rep tempo to get the body YOU want.  So is there really such a thing as mass building workouts? Or  does it all just depend on how you perform these workouts? 😉

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