Best Shoulder Workout for Mass and Strength

Best Shoulder Workout for Mass

I recently came across a great article written by Nick Stevens on what many people claim to be the best shoulder workout for mass. This is an exercise that has been around for a while but has been overlooked by many weight lifters including myself. However, after reading this article I have decided that it may be a much underestimated workout.

Expand your shoulders to an impressive width

Visually, the shoulder plays a particularly important role in your body. The development of your shoulders and trapezius will boost your stature. The more broad your shoulders are, the smaller your waist will be, giving you a great V shaped look. Here is a great set of workouts that will expand your shoulders significantly.

While standing, hold a bar at arm’s length at the pelvis. Hands are spaced out about 20 cm.Pull the bar to mount it just below the chin. Bring the bar slowly back down to the bottom, but without straightening your arm completely. Do a dozen repetitions. Rest 1 minute and repeat the cycle for a total of 4 sets.

Advice on technique for the exercise

Keep your head still to avoid tension at the neck. Keep your elbows high when you do the exercise. Your elbows must be at a level that is higher than your hands.

Muscles worked with this exercise

Deltoids (shoulder muscles), Trapezoids and Biceps

Variants of the exercise

Hold the bar with a wider than shoulder width and do the same pulling motion. You can not list as high as the elbows with this exercise. Therefore, the trapezius will be less stressed while the external deltoids (outer shoulder) will be worked more. This will lead to faster expansion of the shoulder.

After several weeks of training, you will need to step up these exercises to the following sequence twice a week.

Do the wide grip pull for 8 repetitions and immediately follow it up with 8 normal grip pulls. Rest for 2 minutes and complete a 4 sets of this advanced exercise. This will not be something that you can do straight away and the initial weeks of training will allow you to get strong enough to do these advanced workouts.

Typical shoulder workouts that you will see other people do at the gym will just add a lot of bulk and give a rounded look. However, a lot of people are not interested in looking like a bulky muscle builder. They would prefer a look that is angular and where the muscle definition is so tight that it looks like the muscles have been shrink wrapped. If you are interested in such a look, read the description of the site mentioned below.

This workout will give you lean, angular and sexy shoulders that will contribute to a V shaped look that every man desires. If you are more interested in avoiding the meat head look and want to get the angular body sported by many male celebrities, visit this muscle building workout site now.

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So there you have it, whether it is the best shoulder workout for mass is totally opinion, but it’s definitely a great exercise for building bigger and wider shoulders for a more complete physique. Not only will you benefit from wider shoulders, but you will also increase the size of your traps and biceps with this workout.

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