Best Tricep Exercises for Mass – 3 Workouts for Explosive Arms

Believe it or not, when it comes to building massive arms, triceps should be your focal point. The reason behind this is simple, the triceps make up of 65 percent of your arm. With that being said, I would like to share a few of what in my opinion may be the best tricep exercises for mass. Not only will these workouts target every muscle head that makes up the triceps, but they are also compound workouts that target your chest as well.

Why not isolate the triceps?

I personally feel that isolating each muscle group is very important. However, I do recommend activating and recruiting more muscle fibers before isolating the smaller muscle groups. You see, the triceps are such a small muscle group that isolating them immediately will only recruit so many muscle fibers. On the other hand, if you start off with a big compound workout that activates the triceps and also recruits other muscle fibers for assistance, you can then take advantage of breaking down more muscle fibers and building more muscle in the end. Look at it as tricking your body into believing that it is lifting more than it actually is.

The 3 best tricep exercises for mass:


Dips are my personal favorite when it comes to tricep exercises for mass. Not only are they compound lifts that target your chest but they also require using stabilizers. Not only are you lifting your own body weight in mid air, but you are controlling and balancing your body while lifting. Eventually you can increase the weight you lift by using a dip belt and adding weight to it.   This will allow you to progressively overload for continuous growth.

Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is extremely effective when building big triceps due to the fact that you can lift big. Going heavy on a close grip bench press will not only activate the triceps but it will also recruit more muscle fibers. This is simply because the close grip bench press targets not only the triceps but the chest and shoulders as well. Make sure you are keeping your elbows tucked to avoid putting too much pressure on your shoulders.

Skull Crushers

Even though I wouldn’t consider this workout THE best tricep workout for mass, it definitely makes top 3. This particular lift is used by tons of bodybuilders and can be done with either a barbell or dumbbells. The reason this workout works so well is because it targets more than one of the triceps muscle heads. It also requires some stabilizers and allows you to lift fairly heavy which will also require assistance from extra muscle fibers. With this exercise, keep your elbows tucked and make sure to perform it slowly and concentrated.

I recommend performing 1-2 of these exercises before isolating the triceps for best results. 3-4 sets of each with 8-10 reps should do the trick. Remember to progressively add weight and/or increase the volume of the workout for continuous growth. Remember, without building big triceps it will become nearly impossible to add inches to your arms. Also, this is just my opinion on the 3 best tricep exercises for mass. Until next time, happy lifting!

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  1. C0oli0
    C0oli0 at |

    Question about arms and etc etc about weight lifting.

    Yesterday i did back, and then after i did my biceps.
    For biceps i can usually lift 40-50 pounds around 5-10 times.

    But yesterday i was only able to lift 20-30 pounds, i know its cause arms were used up and tired.

    However, because i did less than before, but did enough to work out my arms hard, will my arms still grow and gain strength even though i did less?

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