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    My question is this, ive been working for 7 years, but have never gained size, and worst of all, ive been stuck on same weights!!!
    The only place i gained anything is shoulders about 20 heavier pounds.

    Bench press, ive only managers to bench 175 and could never go above, even with a spotter for a whole year, could never lift anything heavier.

    I’m 5’8 and seen people smaller than me lift heavier.
    My diet at the moment is, protein shake in morning, oatmeal, with glass of milk and small portion of greek yogurt.
    Snack about 2-3 hours later, pack full of almonds, fruit salad. Lunch, rice, spinach potatoes protein shake, snack cottage cheese, workout, proteinshake which includes hard carbs, supper boiled kidney beans, chick peas and potatoes. sleep.


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