Advanced Lifting Demonstrations With Former Skinny Guy

Are you tired of doing the same exercises?
Are you lacking variety in your workouts?

I recently came across that problem myself. I noticed that although I am familiar with a number of different exercises for each muscle group, I still revert back to the same ones much too often. Now although I am not an advocate of “muscle confusion”, I do believe that there are benefits to switching things up. Each muscle has a range of motion and most of the workouts we are training with do not target it entirely. Also, there are irrefutably BETTER ways to train certain muscle groups by using specific techniques. With that being said, I want to share a few of my buddy Vince Delmonte’s advanced lift techniques. These are the same techniques he used to transform his body once again as well as earn his WBFF pro card.

Advanced Chest Exercise: Incline
In this video Vince explains a more beneficial way to train your upper chest with less of an incline for more focus on the target muscle. He also explains proper form and reveals the number 1 biggest mistake you may be making right now!

Take away:

  • 65-70 degree incline – NOT 45
  • Lock down your abdominal wall
  • Keep your feet planted – No dancing!
  • Keep your back on the bench – No arching!
  • Finish position is when the wrist are right above the shoulders

Advanced Bicep Exercise: Cable Curl Variation
Here Vince explains the FULL ROM for the biceps and explains how to train your biceps while they are at their weakest.

Take away:

  • Fully lengthen your biceps by contracting your triceps
  • Fully shorten your biceps by squeezing them at the top of the exercise
  • Control the negative
  • DO NOT move your shoulders!

Advanced Back Workout: Sternum chin up
In this last video Delmonte demonstrates a chin up variation that will allow you to maximally contract the lats by getting your wrists closer to your ribcage at the top of the movement.

Take away:

  • Change your body angle as you pull up
  • Get your wrists to your ribcage as you pull yourself up

How Vince got his physique:

Some of you may already be familiar with Vince Delmonte’s transformation and others maybe not so much. If you are’nt, I’ll give you a quick run down. He was a very skinny and lanky long distance runner who discovered a system that helped him gain 41 lbs of muscle without the use of any drugs. Although I was never a runner, our stories are pretty similar and I believe this is why I find it beneficial to share his information.

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