Build Monster Arms With 2 Little-Known Techniques

Being a torso-dominant individual has really helped expand my knowledge of arm specialization training. I say this because having visibly weaker arms (in comparison to my chest and back) and seeing no success with the typical information that has been taught to us by “fitness experts” has really pushed me to dig deep with my research on the matter. I’ll spare you the long boring details about all the hours I spent studying and get right into a few of the major sticking points. Today I am going to reveal 2 little-known tricks for building massive arms for those of us who are having a hard time seeing noticeable gains in our biceps and triceps.

2 Little-Known Tricks for Monster Arms

Arm Specialization Secret #1 – P.A.P
Heavy loading before an explosive movement induces a high degree of central nervous system stimulation. This will result in great motor unit recruitment as well as force.

The secret to building more muscle is no secret at all. The more motor units/muscle fibers we recruit, the more muscle fibers we can break down. The more we break down, the more new muscle we will create.

The biceps and triceps are considered smaller muscle groups and isolating these muscle groups doesn’t do much for motor unit recruitment. This is why endless curls, alone, will never get you big arms. Although isolating the biceps and triceps is keen when building them, it is not optimal unless we have activated enough muscle fibers.

In order to ensure we are optimally training are arms, we must always start our arms training with a heavy load in order activate the nervous system and ultimately set off more motor units.

Biceps Training: Start off with 3-5 sets of heavy weighted pull ups and THEN go into your traditional biceps training.
Triceps Training: Start your triceps training with 3-5 sets of heavy close grip bench press before moving on to your push downs, kick backs, dips, etc.

Arm Specialization Secret #2 – R.B.E
We have always been told that training a muscle group more than twice a week would cause over-training. Some trainers would even argue that more than once per week would be overkill.

This was of course until science proved otherwise by introducing us to the repeated-bout-effect or RBE.

RBE has proved that training a specific muscle group more often will actually cause your body to adapt faster. Most would argue that adaptation is a bad thing…but I would call them “idiots”. Building muscle is 100% about adaptation. We train a muscle, it adapts to the training by building new, stronger muscle, period.

Adaptation = New Muscle

Now before you decide to train your arms 5 days a week, let me just say this. Use common sense. The muscle needs time to recover…RBE simply helps the muscle recover much faster and is only effective for a specific amount of time.

If you want to build bigger arms, train them 3 times per week with 24-48 hours rest in between each session and do not do this for more than 4 weeks at a time.

Build Monster Arms in 21 Days

If you are having a hard time packing on muscle to your arms, check out 21 Day Arm Explosion. This is the same program that I used to almost 2 inches to my arms using secret techniques that the bodybuilding magazines and supplement companies don’t want you to know about.

If you have any tips that you used in order to bring up a specific muscle group I would greatly appreciate if you shared it in the comment section below.

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