M.J.J. Week 6: Bench Press Mistake – Deadlift Gains – More Fats

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Week 6 – My Jacked Journey

As you may have noticed, from reading the last few weeks of My Jacked Journey, I have had to play with my caloric intake a little bit as I was gaining weight too quickly after a certain point in my reverse diet. I also mentioned in past updates that I would probably not increase my fat intake throughout the rest of my bulk, however, I did. In the chart below you will notice that I have increased my fat intake by 10 grams and that my carbohydrate intake is no longer fluctuating.

Week 6 Macros
Why more fats?
The reason for me to increase my fat intake was simple. For one, I was finding it extremely difficult to hit the higher number of carbs without going slightly over my fat requirements. And for two, although 10 grams may not seem like a huge different, at 50 grams of fat per day I still felt as if I was on a calorie restricted diet. However, at 60 grams per day, I feel I have more than enough wiggle room to enjoy my meals without having to restrict my fat intake. I am finding it a little easier to fit peanut butter into my diet these days, which I am certainly happy about.

Weight Gain Update
My average weigh in this week is 0.3 lbs higher than last weeks. Now, although that is slightly lower than my goal, I would much rather be slightly under than be dramatically over. For me, this was certainly a successful week in terms of weight gain.

Why and How to Deload?
Last week, for me, was a deload cycle where I performed an active recovery by decreasing my volume and intensity. I received enough questions about deloading that I figure I would write an entire article on the topic for anyone who asked.

How to Deload for Optimal Recovery and Strength Gains <== Click here

My Mudda Funkin’ Training Routine

Week 6 Workout
As you can see in the chart above, this week’s heavy workout happened to be a push workout. And to be quite honest, I let me ego get the best of me. If you looks at My Jacked Journey Week 3, you will notice that my bench press was at 235 and I fell a little shy of hitting my numbers all the way through. With that said, it would have only made sense for me to slap on 235 and try again…and I did.

For the first set, I used 235, and hit 3 reps pretty easily. This is when my ego took over and threw on another 5 lbs. On set number 2, I hit my 3 reps…but I struggled a bit. This is when it hit me…I had let me ego get the best of me. As you will see in the chart below, I failed to hit my numbers and refused to lower the weight. Lesson learned.

Week 6 Push
Deadlift Gains!
On a lighter note, my deadlift has been increasing extremely fast. If you read My Jacked Journey week 5, you will have seen the huge jump I made in just a short 2 weeks. You also may have noticed in the video, I mentioned that even the heavier weight seemed a little light. With that said, I decided that I would use the same weight from my previous heavy day, on my medium day. As you can see in the chart below, I succeeded and was proud enough of that, that I chose to share it with you.

Week 6 Pull
The Goal
For my bench press, I think that I’ll stay at 240 and aim to hit my numbers at that weight before I add another pound. For the deadlift, I am going to aim for 315lbs x 3, before the year ends. I think this is certainly doable at the rate in which this lift is progressing, but the added accountability will certainly help.

No more weekly updates?
One more thing I wanted to mention was, the idea to bring down the frequency of these updates. At first, everyone was really excited and extremely involved by commenting and asking questions. However, that “hype” has whittled down to the point where these posts get very little interaction. My question to you is, would you rather see these updates once a month rather than once per week? Please let me know in the comment section below!

That about sums it up…
If there is anything I left out that you may be interested in knowing about this week’s progress, please leave it in the comment section below. No questions or comments will go unanswered.

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13 Responses to “M.J.J. Week 6: Bench Press Mistake – Deadlift Gains – More Fats”

  1. Frank Williams Says:

    I like getting the updates weekly as I would like for that to continue!

  2. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Glad you are enjoying them :) Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Craig Says:

    yup , if you keep sending the emails saying youve done the blog ill keep reading them :) . But, if you want to do them monthly thats fine too. Your the boss :)

    Question…. (Ive always got a question lol), When i do a heavy day (i aim to fail with sets of 5-6 reps on my heavy days cause i freak out i’ll hurt myself if i aim for 3 reps), i leave the gym feeling pretty fresh and dont feel like ive had that much of a workout compared to days when i choose weights to fail at 15 reps. Is this normal, I always want to go and do some drop sets after to wear myself out. Should i do this or just leave it as is.

    Thanks from Australia :)

  4. Albert Says:

    Which ever one is fine Alain. Monthly or weekly. But I will say that the videos do condense a lot of the info and make it easier to keep up to date with your gains.

  5. Jason Says:

    Keep them weekly. I liked when you also included a day of eating

  6. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Definitely will take that into consideration. I always to get a lot of positive feedback for the Day of Eating videos :) Thank you, Jason.

  7. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Albert, thanks for the feedback, bro. Much appreciated.

  8. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Thanks, Craig :)

    To answer your question, you definitely should not be walking out of the gym feeling super fresh on a heavy day. In fact, any day aside from a deload should be fairly taxing at the least. However, I think it’s worth mentioning that you can continue to go the route you are as long as you are progressively increasing your workload. Nothing wrong with easing your way into the high intensity training (heavier weights).

  9. Tsion Says:

    Hey, I love the weekly.

  10. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Tsion :)

  11. simeon Says:

    I enjoy reading the weekly updates. I wonder if the lack of feedback is because you have done such a good job of covering everything you are doing that there really isn’t anything to ask about.

  12. Alain Gonzalez Says:

    Thanks for the feedback, bro. That’s a good way to look at it, however, it’s hard for me to guess, ya know? For now, i’ll keep at it a weekly update :)

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