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  3. Nathan Garrett
    Nathan Garrett at |

    Yo Alain, first I’d like to say that I think that your articles are the most LEGIT out there. So props to you.

    I have a question concerning IF for hardgainers. So say I do the classic IF scheme, with an 8 hour feeding window, from 12-8pm. Fasting otherwise.

    I totally understand the concept behind 1g pro per lb of bodyweight, eating sufficient calories, and progressing in the gym. So say all of these factors are on point. And in my case, they are. But as a hardgainer, here’s where the dilemma lies…

    There are some who make a big deal of one’s body going into catabolic phases, specifically muscle breakdown throughout the night, unless fed properly. Especially for ectomorphs, it’s frequently recommended to eat a slow digesting meal before bed, and upon rising the next morning, to shuttle in some calories and fast protein to combat muscle breakdown ASAP.

    In my opinion, this is a false claim perpetuated by the supplement industry OR it’s a true claim that a hardgainer should implement.

    Assuming total calories, sufficient protein (3x daily in feeding window), and gym progression are all on point, is letting my body go without food/energy for 16 HOURS every single day really a good idea for an ectomorph that wants to build MAXIMAL muscle each week? Or would this negatively impact muscle growth? I can see how it’d make sense for a meso/endo or someone trying to lose some fat, but what about a lean ecto trying to gain muscle?

    Sidenote: Another reason I ask is because not eating breakfast actually helps me feel hyperfocused getting work done in the morning, AND I don’t mind training fasted at all, actually prefer it sometimes.

    Long post, sorry, but any thoughts? The main point is if it’s detrimental in a bulking ectomorph’s case, if it would impede maximum muscle synthesis? Thanks.


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