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  1. Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers
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    […] As someone who came from having a skinny ectomorph body type, I can honestly understand how discouraging it could be when bodybuilding routines and diets do not work. There were plenty of times where I just figured that gaining weight was impossible for my hardgainer genetics. It seemed like no matter how much I trained, no matter how much I ate, no matter how many supplements I tried, my genetics simply did not allow me to develop the body I desired. Fortunately enough, I never gave up and have developed a system that has helped hundreds of other skinny hardgainers all over the world make physical changes equivalent to mine and beyond. I was able to gain over 40 pounds of solid muscle and decrease my body fat percentage for visible six pack abs all in less than 6 months. With that being said, here are 3 ways to gain weight fast for skinny guys. Following a proper muscle building diet […]

  2. Daniel
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    Hey I really like this post on nutrition however I notice that like many of your posts you mention that you direct it primarily to hardgainers or ectomorphs however I am very sure that my somatotype lies between mesoporph and ectomorph so im no sure if your nutrition recommondations such as taking one fourth of my body’s weight in protien in phase 1 post workout would be correct.


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