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  1. John
    John at |

    Great job. Just so I have a realistic benchmark

    1)What is the duration between the 2 pics?
    2) How much have all your lifts improved in that period?

  2. C0oli0
    C0oli0 at |

    Just curious,

    My workouts usually last only 20-30 minutes, but I rest only 30-45 seconds between each set. I do 4 sets, and all the compound exercises, i still do reps between 10-15 and 6-8, is this ok? I feel the burn, but i dont know if im not doing enough i see people there for like an hour or so…

  3. Justin
    Justin at |

    Hi Alain I have read your book on mass in a flash and all of the info I found in it was great I just wanted to ask you one thing, you see I go to the gym four days and week then I usually play football for today’s during the week as well and since I’m an ectomorph I know I may not be resting enough, but is it ok for me to be doing this or should I not play football at all and rest and just train in the gym?

  4. Justin
    Justin at |

    Just another question. Before I play football about 15 mins before or so should I take a pre workout shake just in case my body starts burning my muscles for energy or should I just stock up on carb before I play?

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