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  1. Gary
    Gary at |

    Hi Alain,
    You have some great articles. I’m just wondering what to do for people who are super active. I am 156lb and managed to loose 1 kg in a week on a 3000cal diet even though when I did the calculations in this article it gave me a target of 2750cal. Obviously for myself I need to increase the cals so I have increased to 3100cal. My question is whether I need to keep the same Carb protein fat ratios when I increase. I already consume well over 200g protein a day (1.5 per pound)and don’t think my stomach will like many more. can I just increase the carbs without having to increase the protein? Thanks in advance

  2. Alias Abawe
    Alias Abawe at |

    Hey Alain,

    You see when measuring food, do you measure it when its raw or when it cooked, for example chicken, do you measure it before you cook it?

  3. alias abawe
    alias abawe at |

    Thanks, but lets say I measure a peice of chicken breast for example at 100g raw, and then I cook it, and when i weighed it cooked its lets say 80g for example, will there still be 30g protein? Or has it lost macronutrients in the cooking process?, Thank you.

  4. Gary
    Gary at |

    Thanks so much for the reply Alain, Appreciate it. I have another potentially awkward question for you. I have been using the myfitnesspal app to track my foods and also to try and work out why i get stomach aches all the time (there is a history of celiac disease in my family so trying to see if gluten heavy days are affecting me and keeping me skinny :)). The fitness pal app has helped me see that when i have a number of days which are low in fat, ie 20% or less then i get stomach aches and bowel movements arent good (small unsatisfactory stools), but when i increase to 23-25% my stomach seams much better. Is this normal for people on bulking diets to have this sort of discomfort caused by consuming very low percentages of fat?
    Cheers again
    Love your work

  5. Zack
    Zack at |

    Do you have a written diet plan that I could use in the cutting phase?

  6. Tiffany
    Tiffany at |

    Hi Alain, I recently dislocated my SI joint and strained my piriformis and my chiropractor said that I can ease back into working out again (took about 8 weeks off). I was just wondering how many calories I should take in on my off days. I’m only working out 3 days a week right now, but in the next few weeks, hope to be back up to 5 or 6. On my off days, should I keep my calories at maintenance, go below, above? Help! 🙂

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  8. Jon
    Jon at |

    Congrats and great work..question. I’m 42 with a small gut/handles though with a shirt I still have athletic look. I’m 6ft tall bout 190 pds. 3000 cal. Maintanence.

    Iwant to lose gut but build muscle , do I still do surplus (+200 cal). Or do I do deficit with high protein?

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  20. yoselin
    yoselin at |

    Hi Im been trying to bulk my weight is 107 pounds and i already calculate my macros, i did (1.2 per pound body weigh protein) and it gave me 138grams protein, but my carbs are a little too high and sometimes im feel a little bloated, do you think that i can change a little bit to increasing my protein intake and put in down my carbs?


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