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  1. mike
    mike at |

    Thanks Alain! That is the clearest simplest most comprehensive ecplanation i have come accross!

  2. Rafael
    Rafael at |

    Hey Alain..
    I know i’m probably asking in the wrong place but i didn’t know where to do it, so here it goes:

    I’ve read the mass in a flash program and understood it all.. Just have one issue.. How much weight do i lift? I mean, is there any way to calculate how much weight i should use on each exercise? I’m a beginner at weight lifting and have no idea on how this aspect of it works..

    Thanks for the attention..

    1. Ryan Lussier
      Ryan Lussier at |

      You just lift the heaviest you can to get that set of 6,8,10,12 or however many in. There is no calculation for it just feel around and after a while your weight will be second nature. Just make sure that you are almost killing yourself to get the best and fastest results. So heaviest you can to finish that set. Hope this helps man.

  3. tickets.thoughtfishmedia.com
    tickets.thoughtfishmedia.com at |

    Now i’m at last (after 7 years) the specific weight that I am pleased with and I owe
    a huge part with this success because of the outstanding info on this blog.
    Thanks a lot.

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  5. Martin Barry
    Martin Barry at |

    alain, thanks so much for the macro info

  6. Martin Barry
    Martin Barry at |

    whats in each item of food that I eat too work out my macros. Eg what’s in a banana, chicken breast, etc

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  15. Alex
    Alex at |

    If I’m cutting now more 100 cal from my daily maintain ..
    the cut will be from carb or fat or from the both ?

    Thanks ,,,,


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