M.J.J. Week 7: Calculating Progress – New Shoulder Workout – Lifting Goals

Week 7 – My jacked Journey

Keeping Track of Your Gains
In the past, I have recommended pretty standard methods for tracking your progress outside of the gym. The typical recommendation was, pick one day out of the week and weigh yourself on that day, every week. I have recently realized that, although this method could work, it certainly is not the most optimal. This is simply due to the fact that, our weight fluctuates a great deal from a day to day basis.

In my opinion, taking your weight on a daily basis and calculating the average is far superior when it comes to tracking your progress.

Tracking Your Weight Gain Correctly
So here is a quick rundown of how I calculate my average weigh in for that week and how I calculate my progress (or lack thereof).

  1.  I weigh myself every single day, first thing in the morning (Starting Monday and Ending Sunday)
  2. Once I have completed my last weigh in for that week (Sunday), I add up all of my weigh ins for the entire week and divide them by 7 (the amount of days I weighed in that week). The number that I get is the average weight for that week.
  3. Finally, I subtract my previous average weigh in from my latest average. The number I get, is the amount of weight (on average) that I have gained.

Example: Week 1 Average Weigh-In 152.3
Monday: 152.4
Tuesday: 153.8
Wednesday: 153.4
Thursday: 153
Friday: 152
Saturday: 152.4
Sunday: 153.2
Week 2 Average Weight-In 152.8
152.8 – 152.3 = 0.5 lbs Gained

Weight Gain Update!
This morning I weighed in 0.4 lbs heavier than last Monday, but my average weigh in was a whopping 1.3 lbs heavier. I did have an oddly high weigh-in yesterday, and I may even consider removing that weight from the equation.

Week 7 Macros

Week 7 Macros

Diet Update
Considering the amount of weight gained, calories will (as of now) remain the same for the entirety of week 8. If the weight starts to decrease, I may slightly bump up the carbohydrates.

My Mudda Funkin’ Training Routine

Week 7 Workout

Push Workout Adjustments
If you are familiar with my push workout, you know that I typically start with the bench press and then move on to my overhead pressing. Unfortunately, this was making it extremely hard to progress on my overhead pressing and, in my opinion, also not allowing me to maximize progression on my bench press (because I was bench press heavy far too frequently).

So, I decided to add a Push Workout (B) to the mix. This workout starts off with the overhead press instead of the flat bench, and gives me a break from the heavy barbell flat bench. My hopes is that this small change will yield big differences by (1) allowing me to increase my barbell overhead press and (2) giving me enough rest from flat barbell bench pressing to recovery more optimally there as well.

Check out my NEW Shoulder Dominant Push Workout

Lift Increases!
As you can see in the chart above, this week I had two heavy workout days. My first heavy training day was a leg workout, and the second was a pull workout, both in which I increased my lifts successfully.

As you have probably noticed throughout this My Jacked Journey, during my cut, the strength in my legs decreased the most. However, it is increasing at a rate that I can certainly live with.

 Week 7 Heavy Pull

week 7 lifts

My Goal
If you check out week 6 of My Jacked Journey, then you’ll see that I set a personal goal to lift 315 lbs on the deadlift successfully for 5 sets of 3 reps each…as you’ll see in the chart below, I think I’m going to make it!

I would also like to add a goal to increase my squat by 10 lbs, by the end of the year. This would mean that, I should be squatting 245 for 5 sets of at least 3 reps each.

Supplement Update!
As many of you know, I have currently been taking 2 basic supplements. One is a standard creatine monohydrate, and the other is a multi-vitamin. I won’t reveal the new additions this week, simply because I am yet to receive or start them, so stay tuned for the update on that in week 8’s update!

That about sums it up…
If there is anything I left out that you may be interested in knowing about this week’s progress, please leave it in the comment section below. No questions or comments will go unanswered.

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