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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Building Mass with Bodyweight Workouts - Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers

    […] trains primarily with weights, at a respectable intensity, is not something I recommend (Read This: Should You Ever Train to Failure?), my views do differ a bit when it comes to lower intensity (bodyweight) […]

  2. 10 NO B.S. WAYS TO JUMP-START MUSCLE GROWTH - Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers

    […] According to your program, you’ve got to squat 315 lbs for 3 sets – here’s what it looks like when you’re training to failure. […]

  3. FRANK ZANE'S GROWTH PROGRAM - Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers

    […] on the number of reps, according to Zane. If you work to a pre-set number of reps, you’re working to failure. Stop after concluding your weight set with reps you know you can complete in flawless form. Rest […]

  4. 5 ARM WORKOUT FINISHERS THAT WILL TEST YOUR LIMITS - Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers

    […] off by performing one set to failure (or until you cannot manage to complete another rep). Rest 5 seconds and—using the same […]

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