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  1. Bobby Del Real
    Bobby Del Real at |

    Great stuff Alain! I am finishing up a cut this week for a trip to Cabo on Monday. I have followed all your advice and thankfully, I did not lose any muscle. In fact, some of my lifts, like the bench press and squats, actually got stronger. Thank you!

  2. Albert
    Albert at |

    Damn, very helpful Alain. I found I was makin 2 of these mistakes on my first cut. And I did end up losing a lot of strength n mass.
    But during this cut, i know imma get really ripped and keep my strength as I avoid this mistakes.
    Thanks for the article.

  3. simeon
    simeon at |

    Good advice on keeping muscle while cutting. I am curious about how you compared the bench press low reps (5) to higher reps of 8-12. You are talking about two totally different types of hypertrophy. Don’t you think this is like comparing apples to oranges?

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