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  1. Albert
    Albert at |

    Lol I’m in that same slump. I use to track my workouts, all of them, and now for the last month I haven’t. Though i could tell I’m still progressing, I know I gotta get back on it after reading this.
    And I gotta start tracking my calories(macros) too.

    Thanks Alain, I found this very helpful.

  2. Anubis
    Anubis at |

    Alain, great article. I’m a skinny guy & I have been training for about 4 weeks. How do I force myself to eat when I’m not hungry. I’m 6’2 211 and I do my best to eat 3500/day. I try to eat all day but it gets difficult some days.

    Respect & Honor

  3. Waters
    Waters at |

    Some really really good advice. This certainly helps a lot with strategically planning my workouts rather than jumping from program to program.

  4. Tsion Gonen
    Tsion Gonen at |

    Brilliant article. So simple and so true.


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