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  1. 5 Fat Loss Rules for an Epic Cutting Phase

    […] Because today I want to share 5 principles I follow when transitioning from a bulk to a cut. Rules that allow me to get shredded without ever giving up my favorite foods, with minimal cardio, and all while maintaining my strength and muscle mass in the process. (Read this: Should You Bulk or Cut?) […]

  2. 5 Steps for Creating a Fail-Proof Muscle Building Nutrition Plan

    […] If you’re confused as to whether you should enter a lean mass phase or focus on decreasing your current body-fat, read this first: Should I Bulk or Cut? […]

  3. Are You Really A Hardgainer?
    Are You Really A Hardgainer? at |

    […] there are a few different things that determine whether you have a high or low partitioning ratio, genetics seems to play the biggest […]

  4. The No B.S. Skinny-Fat Solution - Weight Gain Tips for Hardgainers

    […] you’re too skinny to want to focus on weight/fat loss, but too “fat” to bulk up in the traditional […]

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