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  6. Damian
    Damian at |

    Very informative, I enjoyed reading.

    I’ve been going to the gym for 3 weeks now (very much a noob). My weekly weight average for last week was 178.35lbs and I am 5’11”. I am not fat, and not really skinny. I can see some definition in my arms and definitely in my legs, but I collect quite a bit of fat in my lower belly around my belly button. It makes me look so out of shape, but I’m going to keep at the gym and I won’t worry too much about it until I decide to cut.

    I have been on a 3000 cal diet and have been gaining quite fast. I have an excel spreadsheet that tracks my weight as a trendline with the 0.5lbs per week being my goal. According to the trendline, over the last 2 weeks (I’ve only been keeping track for 2 weeks) my average lbs per week is 1.46lbs/week.

    I’m well aware this is way too high but I’m worried if I reduce, it will affect my muscle gains. If I reduce to 2750, should it be fine? Also, how much would you recommend I increase the weights for each exercise for improvement?

    My current plan: Mostly compound movements, low reps, increased weight, 5 days a week for about 1.5h each.
    Current Job: Desk job programming.

    Thanks in advance!

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  8. Kasem
    Kasem at |

    Hey i Really want to ask Hope get answers Am 21 years Old man and with 6”5 tall and 106 kilo i have training program But i want to know How Much calories should ireally need to eat and i want just Mucsel for basket like lean not big mass you know man and a lot say is about what you eat

  9. jordan
    jordan at |

    Hello I’m big boned and a little over weight. I’m 6ft tall 250lbs. Is it possible if someone with really good muscle building genetics can have better newbie gains than others? I think I might be blessed with crazy good genetics. For the past 4 months I have only been doing cardio and lot 40 lbs. Now i started bodybuilding 3 weeks ago and I push hard in the gym and eat a really good clean diet and after 3 weeks in the gym I have put on 6 Lbs. I feel bigger too and I can throw more weight on every week like no ones business. I also am consuming 1 weight gainer shake per day. I am losing inches but gaining weight like I’m on steroids or something?


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