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  1. Albert
    Albert at |

    Great tips Alain. I agree, learning how to cook is very important on this muscle building road.

  2. Varun Lachwani
    Varun Lachwani at |

    A penny saved is a penny earned. Saving money that I used to pay to the trainer for diet and workout tips. Thanks to you. Hahah. Great Youtube Channel and website. Respect from India. Peace. ✌

  3. lakra
    lakra at |

    Hi, I am 24, height 5.8″, weight 72.5 kg. I want to start workout. bulky body.
    what is the best weight for me! pls tell me the workout plans, food I may maintain. I am asian.

  4. divyum
    divyum at |

    Sir i have checked your program Bony to Brawny for $10 i have tried to make the payment but it is not being done as it is an international payment please suggest me the suitable measures to rectify the situation. i want to join your program.

  5. Eryn
    Eryn at |

    These are also great tips for large families trying to keep a clean diet. Thanks!

  6. Salvador
    Salvador at |

    Thanks for these tips, I really needed that when something comes up budget wise and not knowing how to deal with nutrition, very thankful man!


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