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  1. Sandeep khatana
    Sandeep khatana at |

    I am a guy of 20 years old and i am having problem in my chest. Its sternum is little lifted upside on one side. And i am having a problem of functional scoliosis also. I dont like my body anymore. I hate myself. For most of the time i remain depressed. Please help me out,if there is any treatment please…

  2. T
    T at |

    Any advice if you’re a woman with this issue?

    I lift weights but not to the extent that my chest is going to grow and cover up the indent. My case is only small, far far smaller than the picture in this article but it still bothers me, along with my flared ribcage. Do you think I could build chest muscle to cover it without looking too masculine?

  3. Isaac
    Isaac at |

    Thanks man..
    I’ve been skinny my hole life bit recently I’ve gotten even more skinny
    With this my PE has become very domonint in the way I look.
    I’m 14 and both my brothers are older than me and both of themy are body builders.I am always picked on cause of my ribs and me being skinny.
    I am also nervous when taking my shirt of in public cause usely when someone points it out a whole group gather around me in wonder
    It doesn’t help that I play water polo.
    I feel like I should dart training after reading this.I’ve wanted to for a while but I just haven’t gotten round to it.
    Thanks for inspiring me


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