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  1. Brent Harris
    Brent Harris at |

    thanks for your article, I am always going to the gym but I have no eating schedule. this is my mistake.

  2. Augusto Nava
    Augusto Nava at |

    Puro Golden man, already liked your page on facebook so basically the deload is the primer phase?? so i dont have to deload at the of the week of every meso??

  3. Bill
    Bill at |

    For me, this is very helpful, but I guess what I question is what to do on the diet phases… meaning this. Let’s say I take meso 1 and do Hyp, meso 2 and do Hyp+ and meso 3 and do Hyp++. I then get my primer phase which will drop my volume (and frequency), but what do I do if I want to do 3 months of a “cut”? Do I work on manipulating both strength and hyp?


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