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  1. Mus
    Mus at |

    Hey Alain, i really appreciate your effort done on this program and the fact that you’re giving it out for free!

    But i have a question, i currently don’t lift just finished my exams so i’m going to hit the gym real soon (1 or 2 weeks away from now) do you recommend this program (P.P.W) to a beginner? (i used to lift before but i haven’t made much progress due to the lack of diet education and so on… so i consider my self an absolute beginner)
    I’ve read about AllPro program on BB.com but honestly I trust you so where do you think i should start? Would you suggest me a program i should follow or should i go with AllPro’s?

    Thanks in advance man and again i really appreciate what you’re doing.

  2. Daniele
    Daniele at |

    Hi Alain, I am an intermediate lifter, I find this program very interesting and I would like to test it. I am a tall boy with long levers and a flat chest. I have a tendency to involve the front deltoids in push exercises, so which exercises do you advise me to replace for my physical structure, so that I can develop my chest even in the upper part by putting less stress on my shoulders?

    Thanks in advance for your attention.


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