You’ve probably heard it said over and over again that—if you want to perform your best in the gym, you need to get at least 8-hours of sleep per night. But it’s not that easy… 

Because the quantity of your sleep isn’t the only important aspect of sleep you need to thrive. You need both good quantity and QUALITY of sleep. And the truth is, most guys struggle with getting the right quality

In order to get top-notch sleep, you need both REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and deep sleep (when your body and brain waves slow down). The problem is, most guys have a hard time achieving both of these in any given night… 

But the good news is… 

I’ve created a natural male sleep formula that’ll greatly enhance your quality of sleep—whether you get 4, 6 or 8 hours of sleep per night. Plus, it’ll boost your testosterone levels, load you with energy in the morning and so much more… 

Check out my brand-new sleep enhancing testosterone booster PITCH BLACK HERE.

After you check out PITCH BLACK, take a look at the following 3 scientifically proven ingredients for deep sleep.

Lemon Balm Leaf Extract

Lemon Balm Leaf is a calming mint herb that’s been used as far back as the Middle Ages, to reduce stress, ease pain and discomfort and promote healthy sleep patterns. In fact…

One groundbreaking studyfound that Lemon Balm is so powerful it can disarm aggravating sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome. And instead of struggling to sleep, you’ll sleep like a care-free child every night. 

When you pair lemon balm leaf extract with the other natural sleep remedies on this list, you’ll see unbeatable bedtime results. And you can do just that by clicking HERE. 

Lavender Extract

Like lemon balm, lavender earned its claim to fame in the middle ages…  

An important studyfound that lavender extract is one of the world’s best remedies for overcoming sleep disorders. Plus, lavender extract has been scientifically proven to improve circulation in your body for bigger muscle pumps when you hit the gym…  

On top of the sleep and circulation benefits, lavender extract has also been used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. Plus, it’s a known aphrodisiac—which revs-up your sex drive and improves sexual chemistry between you and your partner. 

Tart Cherry

Tart cherry extract is one of the most impressive natural sleep aids and anti-inflammatories on the market today… 

In fact, it’s gotten so much attention that the FDA sent out warning letters to cherry farmers insisting they stop telling the world about how well it works… Because this cheap fruit is stealing sales away from powerhouse pain relievers like Advil and Aleve.

Plus, multiple studies (12) have confirmed that a single dose of tart cherry will accelerate muscle recovery overnight so that you can hit the gym with full force the following morning. And as an added bonus, tart cherry also increases your metabolism so that it work fast while you sleep—for unbeatable fat loss. 

Now What? 

You need the highest quality of sleep if you’re going to perform your best in every area of life… Including the gym, the bedroom, the boardroom—and everywhere in between… 

And right now—you have the opportunity to make that happen. I’ve combined all three of these special sleep ingredients (and several more) into the only sleep enhancing testosterone booster of its kind called PITCH BLACK

And I’m itching for you to try it out for yourself and see just how great it works. If you’re like me, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it…

Try out PITCH BLACK for yourself by clicking HERE.     

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    Will Pitch Black help women sleep as well. My girl friend has a terrible sleep problem

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