My Mission

My goal is to help over 1 million naturally skinny guys to build muscle and achieve a physique they never thought possible. I offer simple, science based, fluff free training and nutrition advice for anyone who has struggled to put on any weight in the past.


My methods are unconventional and not what you’re used to seeing in the muscle and fitness magazines, but are tested and proved with real people just like you and I. I have a library of FREE downloadable training programs, articles, videos, etc, that are all here at your disposal.

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Over the years, I have helped thousands of naturally skinny guys to finally move the scale and pack on pounds of rock hard muscle mass, regardless of their “skinny genetics”.

Here’s what REAL people accomplished with these techniques!

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Download FREE Muscle Building gifts and stay updated on my progress! 

Hi, My name is Alain Gonzalez, an average guy from Florida who was once a 23 year old adult living in a 12 year old’s body. I have dedicated my life to helping hardgainers like me to build muscle. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to help others change their lives.

I did not win the “genetic lottery”, I am not a bodybuilder, and I definitely can’t point you in the direction of any “magic pills” or powders. What I do have is what I like to call “The Three D’s”. Dedication, Desire, and Drive, and with these three things I can accomplish anything I put my mind to…and so can you.

My Story

I was 115 lbs. of skin and bones, scrawny, weak, with little or no confidence at all. I didn’t have the girls and I didn’t have the job and I DEFINITELY didn’t have the confidence to change the situation.

Over the years I have spent countless hours studying, researching, and testing the science behind building muscle and have managed to completely transform my physique, multiple times.


So why listen to me?
Because the techniques I discuss have allowed myself along with countless clients to build incredible amounts of muscle in record time. My methods have been shown to allow naturally skinny guys to put on lean mass while keeping a low body fat without any crazy diets or spending insane hours in the gym.

I don’t consider myself a fitness guru, my methods may be unconventional but they are not secrets. If you’re looking for an easy way to building the body of your dreams – then I apologize, what I teach takes hard work, discipline, and drive.

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Download FREE Muscle Building gifts and stay updated on my progress!